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Huakun Shen


Tauri Updater

Bundler Artifacts has sample CI and config script.

Cross-Platform Compilation has a sample GitHub Action CI script for cross-platform compilation (Windows, MacOS and Linux). Compiled files are stored as artifacts in a draft GitHub release. The release assets will be read by updater server for auto-update.

Sample tauri.config.json


For updater to work, a public key is required.

"updater": {
"active": true,
"endpoints": [
"dialog": true,

A pair of keys can be generated with tauri signer generate -w ~/.tauri/ezup.key.

If update is configured, then private key and password environment variables must be set.

The following script can automatically load the private key as environment variable. Assuming password is an empty string.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
if test -f "$PRIVATE_KEY_PATH"; then
export TAURI_PRIVATE_KEY=$(cat ~/.tauri/ezup.key); # if the private key is stored on disk
echo "Warning: Private Key File Not Found";

CICD (GitHub Action)

In GitHub Action, environment variables can be set like this in the top level of yml file.


I encountered a error during compilation on Ubuntu platform.

Error: thread '<unnamed>' panicked at 'Can't detect any appindicator library', src/

I found a solution in this issue.

Install libayatana-appindicator3-1-dev with apt for ubuntu.

Updater Server

vercel/hazel is a updater server for electron, can be deployed in a few clicks on vercel.

lemarier/tauri-update-server forks vercel/hazel.

I forked lemarier/tauri-update-server to be HuakunShen/tauri-update-server.

The reason I made a fork is that, new upates were made in vercel/hazel, and I merged the new commits to lemarier/tauri-update-server.

With one click, an update server can be deployed on Vercel.

See EzUp and HuakunShen/tauri-ezup-updater for and example.

The former is the actual Tauri app. The later is the corresponding update server.