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A convenient screen recording. Both its name and recording functionalities are similar to that of Zoom. Good for making comments on stuff that requires a visualization, such as UX design, talking and screenshot may not be as intuitive and a video.

A picture is worth a thousand words :)

Chrome Extension support recording resolution up to 720p. Downloading a desktop app allows you to record up to 4K.

Recorded videos are uploaded to Loom's cloud storage, and will be immediately available after recording finished. A url to the video will be automatically generated and saved to your clipboard.

After sending a video url to someone else, they can comment on your video with loom too.

Basically, this is a messaging and commenting app using videos.

This app is perfect for me as I love to show off the progress of my project progress with others.


Moreover, the video can be embedded in other pages such as notion. Embedding video explanation in blog is a good choice.