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NumberGCKLGetting Comfortable With Kali Linux
2GCKLGet Comfortable With kali Linux
3CLFCommand Line Fun
4PTPractical Tools
5BSBash Scripting
6PIGPassive Information Gathering
7AIGActive Information Gathering
8VSVulnerability Scanning
9WATWeb Application Attacks
10BOIntroduction To Buffer
11WBOWindows Buffer Overflows
12LBOLinux Buffer Overflows
13CSAClient-Side Attacks
14LPELocating Public Exploits
15FEFixing Exploits
16FTFile Transfers
17AEAntivirus Evasion
18PXPrivilege Escalation
19PAPassword Attacks
20PRTPort Redirection and Tunneling
21ADActive Directory Attacks
22MFThe Metasploit Framework
23PEPowershell Empire
24ATPAssembling The Pieces: Penetration Test Breakdown